A Change of Heart Ministries, Inc.


A Change of Heart Ministries was born out of a vision that was given to our President Clemmie Scott, Jr. , to provide a facility that can be used to facilitate seminars to heal broken hearts which lead to heart transformations. These seminars called Ancient Paths are based off of biblical Christian teachings by Craig Hill founder of Family Foundations International (FFI). By using these effective and powerful Ancient Path seminars, we share a commitment with FFI in ministering to the saints the true identity and destiny, that God has ordained for each and every one of us.

Not only do we share in a commitment with FFI, but my wife and I have also had our own hearts transformed. It all started when I prayed for God to send my wife and four months later I met her. We were married on December 29, 1979 and about the 10 year mark, our marriage began to be attacked by the enemy. You see, I was a Christian in my head but not from my heart and I began on a quest to become rich in order to build upon my already successful career. The problem was that the MLM business that I invested in was taking up all of my time, causing strife in my   marriage and leading me to the dark side.

This marriage attack, led both my wife and I to start praying for a divorce, but God knew his plan for us and our family and friends began to pray for us. With all of this intercession, one of God's ministering Angel's was sent into our life. She brought insight about the spiritual wickedness and works of witchcraft that was attacking us and led us to repentance and forgiveness. It was at this time, through my brokenness that I received Jesus Christ into my heart. And wouldn't you know it, I was healed instantly.

It was during this time that my wife also received a transformed heart. She had to learn how to depend on God to show us the way through this. And once she learned to hear from God and began to listen and obey him, a change started to take place. This change led her to learn to let go of the pride and transformed her heart so that she could learn to trust and forgive while giving and receiving true love.

It is because of our own heart transformations that we have a desire to reach those that are broken and have them experience their own heart transformation so that they can lead a life that God has called them to live.


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