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Transform your Heart Today!



A Change of Heart Ministries, Inc.

Our mission is to facilitate Christ centered healing that causes “Heart Transformations”. We believe that in order to live the life that God intended for his people, we have to first start with healing the heart. Our motto is “The Ministry of the Heart is Where the Heart of Ministry is.” Our aim is to provide a heart of ministry through group oriented seminars that allow the Holy Spirit to work through us to renew marriages, restore broken hearts, and restore generational blessings. We do this by providing biblical based Christian teachings, which encourage righteous and peaceful living under the Kingdom of God.

Our vision is to provide a facility for churches that do not have the space available to facilitate these heart transforming seminars.

We believe that a transformed heart leads to building strong churches, that in turn lead to stronger communities, that have the power to transform souls, our nation, and our world.